Infertility Success - Stories of Hope and Help for your Journey.

This book features stories from Ladies all over the world, who have realised their dreams of having a family despite all the obstacles Infertility put in their way. Estimated launch date 24th November 2021 - available in e-book and hardcopy.

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She made me feel like being over forty was a disease, and I cried when I hung up.

Diane Moss Prunier

No one even thought about how I felt.

Saskia Williams

“I’m going to tell you something that is going to blow your mind.”

“These ovaries are very quiet.”

Susan Tozer

I was a basket case, scared and anxious to know what was going on. The one common denominator was me.

Amanda Ignot

I would take more tests, and there would still be a faint line, and then, my period would show her ugly face.

Kaila Sterns

The day my stimulation medications arrived, I opened the box like it was a much-anticipated gift on Christmas morning, hoping the vials and syringes would be the key to success.
Laura Watson

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